Lost Mine of Phandelver

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Session 1 recap
Some stuff happened

Goblin Ambush

Our tale starts on Triboar Trail en route Phandalin. A group of adventurers was hired by Gundren Rockseeker to escort a wagon load of goods departing from Neverwinter to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. They all knew Gundren in some form or another but had never met each other. The strangers had plenty of time to get to know each other on the road. Some may have shared more than others, though…

Gundren and his companion, Sildar Hallwinter rode on ahead of you as he had pressing business to attend to.

The trip went mostly uneventful. However, few hours outside of Phandalin the party felt their pulse quicken as a Green Dragon tore across the sky heading north. The journey had been pretty nondescript up until this point. Luckily the dragon seemed too focused on reaching its destination to stop and parley.

As they rounded the corner they saw 2 horses laying on the ground a little ways up ahead. Stopping the wagon, Bo walked up to the horses to discover they were Gundren and Sildar’s horses. Bo noticed a small leather pouch laying empty near the horses just as the Goblins sprang their attack. Taking the party by surprise, the battle had some touchy points but the group managed to take out all but one of the goblins that fled into the thickets. Checking the area along the road, they found the goblin escaped to a narrow trail that lead north.

Much debate about what to do next, ensued. Maybe Gundren and Sildar continued on foot?

The decision was made to head on to Phandalin, deliver the wagon load and come back and pick up the trail the next day.

Checking out Phandalin

The party arrived in Phandalin and delivered the wagon to Bathen’s Provisions. There, they were paid by Elmar Barthen and found out that he hadn’t seen Gundren but they should probably check the Stonehill Inn.

When they arrived they were greeted by Toblen Stonehill. Toblen gave them the lay of the land and that Gundren, who was expected yesterday, never showed. The group secured lodgings at the Inn except for Bo and Brindor (who stayed at the Shrine of Luck with Sister Garaele) and Davkas Foechuckle (who went to stay with his Aunt, Qelline Alderleaf).

After an evening’s rest, the group set out in the morning to track down what might have happened to Gundren. They easily found the trail and followed it to a cave entrance with a stream flowing out of it to the south.

Cragmaw Hideout

The trail was easy to follow. There was a distinct worn rut running along the path suggesting it was heavily traveled. Conversations with the townsfolk confirmed the road had become hazardous in the last few months. Seem these goblins have been busy. Apart from a couple of pit traps easily spotted, the journey was uneventful. Eventually the party came to a small stream no more than ankle deep and followed it to the mouth of a cave, where seems to flow from.

As the group rounded a bend just at the cave entrance, they noticed a small blind where two goblins were doing a poor job of keeping watch. Bo continued in his quest to have his name strike fear into the hearts of all goblin kind by completely destroying them.

Just inside the entrance to the cave, the group discovers a trio of wolves tied to a chain. After summarily dispatching them, a quick investigation of a natural chimney at the rear of the room gave a little insight into who was in charge around here. Klarg, a bugbear is seen with his pet wolf and a couple of other goblins. The conversation between the two is fairly one-sided. The bugbear is berating the two goblins, as they often do.

Deciding not to worry with the surprise advantage of the chimney, the group carries on following the stream up the cave. The light as they go deeper gets dimmer, causing them to produce their own. This, in turn, alerts a sentry on a bridge 20 feet above them to spring a trap. Joan just barely hears the word FLOOD spoken in Goblin, but it was enough to warn the group to back track to safety in the kennel. As they entered it, a wall of water rushed down the tunnel.

A bit more cautiously, the group began walking back up the path after the deluge passed. They made it back to the spot under the bridge and were able to dispatch the sentry with a well-placed arrow, but not before he had the chance to get off another warning. A few of the group weren’t able to dodge the water this time and were swept back out to the opening of the cave. Eventually the group made it to a large cavern with a waterfall that fed into two, now emptied, pools. Breaks in artificial damns, showed how the goblins were able to get such torrents of water down the cave tunnel so quickly.

In the twin pools cave, a few goblins were taken out and one was able to escape into an adjoining section presumably to warn Klarg. Instead of following the goblin into almost certain battle, the group follows the path that leads them to the overpass where they killed the bridge sentry. They come to a den where they see Sildhar guarded by a group of Goblins and the gang’s second in command, Yeemik. Also in the corner is a dwarf, but it’s not Gundren. Yeemik tries to strike a bargain with the group to let Sildar go if they go take out Klarg. It doesn’t take a sense motive check to see he’s full of it. Threats and plans are made. The end result is a dead group of goblins and Sildar, near death, and the dwarf in the corner, named Baelgun, joining the party to take down Klarg. Which they do.

Session 2 recap

Cragmaw Conclusion

You defeated Klarg. It wasn’t easy. From other goblins you were able to learn the following:

  • Klarg answers to King Grol, cheif of the Cragmaw tribe, who dwells in Cragmaw Castle.
  • You know roughly where Cragmaw Castle is. Somewhere in the Neverwinter Wood.
  • Klarg received a message from Grol a dew days ago. The messenger told him that someone named the Black Spider was paying the Cragmaws to watch out for the dwarf Rockseeker, capture him, and send him and anything he was carrying back to King Grol.

Back in Phandalin

You weren’t able to bring back the barrels and supplies you found from the hideout. But you were able to draw a map for Linene Graywind, owner of the Lionsheild Coster. She rewarded you for your trouble.

Bo and a few other spent some time with Sister Garaele. They learned of a quest that was handed down by her superiors. One that she’s failed at completed, so far. The Harpers are looking for a spell book that belonged to the legendary mage known as Bowgentle. She believes a banshee named Agatha may know where to find it. She’s asking the group to go to Agatha with an item she may covet in exchange for the information. Garaele, knowing about other matters, also mentions Agatha may be able to divine the location of the Wave Echo Cave…

A little asking around reveal nothing on where they other Rockseeker brothers might be.


At breakfast, the group was challenge by a number of Redbrands. One escaped back up the road toward Tresendar Manor, explaining that The Black Spider and Glassstaff can do their own dirty work.

You know 2 things for sure:

  1. The Wave Echo Cave is something you don’t want falling under the control of the wrong
    people, so you need to find it.
  2. Gundren should be at Cragmaw castle

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